Kentucky vs. Tennessee 3/13/2010 SEC Semifinal

Kentucky and Tennessee went head to head in the 2010 SEC Semifinals on 3/13/2010 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. The winner will face Mississippi State/ Vandy to go onto the championship game.

DeMarcus Cousins gets Kentucky on the board first with a basket, 2-0. Tennessee at the line, Scotty Hopson misses both of them. Tennessee finally on the board with a basket, and we are tied at 2-2, DeMarcus Cousin with a lob to keep the Cats up top, 4-2. John Wall with a basket for the Cats, then he gets a steal to put the Cats up by 4 over the Vols, 8-4. Darius Miller for the Cats gives them a 6 point lead, 10-4. Tennessee ties up after a 3 pointer from Scotty Hopson and a free throw, DeMarcus Cousin with a basket with a chance at a 3 point play but he misses the free throw, John Wall comes from behind to score for the Cats, 14-10.  Little less than halfway in the half and the Cats lead the Vols 16-12. Vols with a 3 pointer cuts it down to just one, 16-15. Darius Miller with a 3 of his own, and 2 free throws for the Cats, now up 21-15. Cats up by four, John Wall makes both free throws to make it six, 25-19. Eric Bledsoe with a 3 pointer, Cousin with his first free throw made of the game, and a Kentucky basket, 31-19. Cousins with the first free throw, and misses the second. Kentucky leads 32-19 at halftime.

Tennessee with the first two baskets of the second game, 32-23. DeMarcus Cousins at the line making just one of two. Scotty Hopson for the Vols at the line he drains both, Tenn., within eight of the Cats, 33-25. Tennessee with two more free throws, Eric Bledsoe with a 3 for the Cats, 41-28. Vols with a basket, Eric Bledsoe responds with another 3 for the Cats, 44-30. Tennessee with a 3 and then a basket, Kentucky with a free throw, Vols with a basket, 45-37. Wall to Patterson for a basket, and Eric Bledsoe with his third 3 of the game, 50-39. Double technical on Chism for Tennessee and Orton for Kentucky, personal on Patterson, Chism at the line for two, he makes both and John Wall drains a 3 for the Cats, 53-42. 11-2 run for the Cats as they get yet another 3 pointer, their 7th of the game, Dodson with a lob, 58-41.DeMarcus Cousins with 15 points and 13 rebounds so far for the Cats. Flagrant foul on a Vols player sends DeMarcus Cousins to the line and he makes both, 60-43. Wildcats get a basket, Cousins back at the line making both, 64-43. Bledsoe drains a 3 pointer for the Cats, 67-43, Vols yet to score, Jon Hood at the line now for the Cats, makes both, 69-43. Cats back at line after a Vols player fouls out, makes both. Tennessee at the line and they make both.Kentucky defeats Tennessee 74-45 to advance to the SEC Championship game.

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