Kentucky vs. Cornell 2010 Regional Semifinal

Kentucky faced Cornell in the 2010 Regional Semifinal at the Carrier Dome.

Cornell with the first points of the game, on the board, 2-0. DeMarcus Cousins gets Kentucky on the board as well tying up the game at 2-2. Cornell with a 3 pointer and then a basket to have a 7-2 lead over the Cats, they get another 3 pointer to make it 10-2. Cousins with another basket for the Cats, they trail 10-4. Cousins with another basket, Daniel Orton follows. Cats get another basket to tie it up and a trip to the line for a 3 point play gives the Cats their first lead of the game. Patrick Patterson with a 2 and the Cats are on a 12-0 run, 14-10. Midway through the half Kentucky leads Cornell 14-12. Cornell at the line for two misses them both. Both Kentucky and Cornell have missed their last few field goal attempts, but Bledsoe gets a basket ending the Cats scoring drought. Kentucky at the line but they miss both, leads 16-12. Cornell finally gets a basket ending their drought, and Kentucky has an answer with back to back baskets, 20-14. Cornell with a basket, Kentucky gets a one out of two free throws and then back to back baskets again, to still lead over Cornell, 25-16. DeMarcus Cousins with a 3 pointer for the Cats. Kentucky leading Cornell 32-16 at the half going on a 30-6 to end the first half.

Cornell with the attempt at the first points of the second half, but they miss. Kentucky also tries, but they miss as well. Back and forth between these two teams and no one has scored in the first two minutes. Cornell finally with the first basket of the half, Kentucky finally with a basket in the second, and Cornell with one as well, 34-20. Both teams back and forth on scoring including a 3 pointer for Cornell, Wildcats still lead midway through the half, 38-26. Cornell is slowly cutting into the Wildcat lead, but DeMarcus Cousins get the Cats a basket to make it 40-30.Kentucky maintains their lead over Cornell, they lead 51-39 after making two free throws. Cousins makes only one of two free throws, Bledsoe makes both of his. Kentucky goes on to defeat Cornell 62-45 to face West Virginia.

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