Kentucky vs. Lamar 12/28/2011

Kentucky hosted Lamar at Rupp Arena on December 28, 2011.

Kentucky starts out with a 3 pointer and it grows to a 7-0 lead over Lamar. Lamar at the line for two, they make both and get on the board, 7-2. Lamar makes a quick comeback although the Cats still lead and get a 3 pointer to have a 15-10 lead. A basket and then another 3 pointer by Darius Miller, Cats on an 8-0 run and a 10 point lead. Kentucky is dominating Lamar having a 16 point lead, but the Cardinals with a basket to make it only 14, Cats at the line for a 3 point play and the make it, 37-20. Kentucky will lead Lamar 44-28 at halftime.

Lamar with a good start in the second but Kentucky has answers as they lead, 55-37 after almost 6 minutes of play. Kentucky stays dominate in the second half and will go on to defeat Lamar 86-64 to move to 12-1.

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