NBA Playoff Recap 9/15

Eastern Conference Final

Game 1

Boston with the first points of the game, a 3 pointer by Marcus Smart, he also scores a jump shot.  Jayson Tatum with a 3 pointer to give the Celtics an early 8-0 leads, Heat finally on the board with a 3 pointer by Dragic. Boston still with the lead over Miami 24-13 with just 3 minutes left in the first. Boston with the lead after the first quarter, 26-18. We are all tied up at the half, 55-55. Miami leads at first then Boston does, back and forth we go and then Boston maintains the lead all the way to the third quarter. We are all tied up here in the fourth to go into overtime, 106-106. Miami defeats Boston 117-114 in OT to take the lead in the series 1-0. Miami’s Tyler Herro played for 40:24 minutes, scored 12 points, and had 11 rebounds, and 9 assists Bam Adebayo played for 42:33 minutes, scored 18 points, and had 6 rebounds, 9 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks.

Western Conference Semifinal

Game 7

Clippers and Nuggets are playing in a win or go home kind of game tonight as a trip to the conference final is on the line. Back and forth between both teams, Clippers with the lead at first then Nuggets take over, Clippers take it back and we are tied at 24-24 after the first. It was all Clippers in the second quarter and they lead by two at halftime, 56-54. Clippers start out the third quarter leading but at some point Denver takes the lead and outscore the Clippers 28-18 to lead after the third quarter, 82-74. Denver makes history as being the first team to comeback from a 3-1 series in back to back series in the NBA Playoffs and win yet another game 7 & eliminating the Clippers after defeating them 104-89.  Denver’s Jamal Murray played for 44; 41 minutes, scored 40 points, and had 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and 1 steal. He had 6 3 pointers.

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