Kentucky vs. Duke Live Blog

It’s time for soccer in the Bluegrass as Kentucky hosts Duke at the Bell Soccer Complex.

Duke with the first goal of the night on a penalty kick by Jack Doran, Duke 1- 0. Kentucky ties it up with a shot by Aime Mabika, assisted by Robert Screen, Duke 1, Kentucky 1. Duke scores again to take the lead, 2-1. But Kentucky’s Kalil ElMedkhar scores to tie it up with an assist from Marcel Mienzer.

We are all tied up at the half here in Lexington, Duke 2, Kentucky 2.

Kentucky scores a goal in the second half, by Bailey Rouse, assisted by Robert Screen, Kentucky 3, Duke 2.Kentucky scores again this time by Daniel Evans, who was assisted by Colin Innes and Brandon McManus.

Kentucky defeats Duke 4-2 to win their home opener and move to 1-1 in the season

Kentucky hosts Louisville next Monday at the Bell.

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