Eastern Conference Final 9/25 Recap

Eastern Conference Final

Game 5

Duncan Robinson for Miami gets them on the board with a 3 pointer and Boston can’t seem to score as they have missed the last 3 3 pointer attempt and Miami leads 5-0 to start in the first. Boston is finally on the board with a 3 pointer by Marcus Smart. Miami leads over Boston after one quarter, 26-18. Boston has taken the lead in the third trying to stay alive and not get eliminated but Miami still has the chance in the fourth, Celtics lead 92-83 after three. Boston is going to survive as they defeat Miami 121-108 for Miami to lead 3-2


Tyler Herro played for 29:01 minutes, scored 14 points, and had 3 rebounds and 1 assist

Bam Adebayo played for 38:11 minutes, scored 13 points, and had 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 1 steal and 1 block


Enes Kanter played for 10 :09 minutes, scored 8 points, and had 4 rebounds and 2 assists

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