Miami Heat are headed to the NBA Finals

Eastern Conference Final

Game 6

Miami is looking to advance to the Finals with a win over Boston tonight, and the Celtics are looking to stay alive with a win and to force Game 7 with the Heat. Who is going to come up top in this win or go home situation?

Bam Adebayo gets Miami on the board after making both his free throws; he then later gets two more to bring the Heat lead 4-0 early on in the first quarter. Jimmy Butler with a basket to make it 6-0, Boston finally on the board with a basket. Jayson Tatum with back to back 3 pointers for the Celtics to have their first lead of the game 15-14. Miami leads 33-29 after one quarter.

Boston starts the second quarter off with a 3 pointer, Miami responds with back to back baskets. Boston is staying close to Miami being within just two here early in the second quarter. Miami with just a two point half time lead, 62-60.

Boston with a 3 pointer to start the third quarter and takes the lead, 63-62.Miami back in the lead but Boston is staying close to the Heat but they have an answer, 74-72. Miami still with the lead after three, 88-86,

Boston ties it up to start off the fourth and then take the lead over Miami, 90-88. Miami ties it up, and Boston takes the lead back once more, this is going to be a back and forth quarter as its all on the line, either a trip to the finals or a game 7. Boston extends their lead a little but Miami fights back and regains the lead. Boston with a 3 pointer to take it back but Miami ties it up and then takes the lead back, Boston right behind them. Miami will go on to defeat Boston 125-113 to advance to the NBA Finals to take on the Lakers on Wednesday.


Tyler Herro played for 34:51, scored 19 points, and had 5 rebounds,  and 7 assists

Bam Adebayo played for 39:28 minutes, scored 32 points, and had 14 rebounds, 5 assists, and 1 steal


Enes Kanter played for 7 minutes, scored 3 points, and had 4 rebounds

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