Lakers hold off Heat to have 2-0 lead

NBA Final

Game 2



Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, Jae Crowder, Meyers Leonard, Duncan Robinson

Los Angeles

Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Danny Green, Dwight Howard, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

1st quarter

Anthony Davis gets the Lakers on the board first with a basket, Miami finally on the board. Danny Green with a bucket, Meyers Leonard with a 3 pointer to take the lead, but Lakers answer. Tyler Herro with a 3 pointer, Lakers tie it up at 8-8. Lakers go ahead, Kelly Olynyk with a 3 pointer for the Heat, a basket get them within one, but LeBron James hits a 3 pointer, the Lakers first of the game, Lakers now with back to back 3 pointers leading 22-14 over Miami. Lakers lead 29-23 after one being just 8 of 25 on 3 pointers, Miami is 5 of 15.

2nd quarter

Lakers start the second quarter off with back to back 3 pointer, Heat with a basket, Lakers lead 35-25. Lakers up by ten again as each respected team has hit a 3 pointer, 40-30. Tyler Herro with a bucket. Lakers extend their lead but Miami stays close and doesn’t give up just yet. Lakers with the lead going into the half 68-54.

3rd quarter

The Lakers seem to want this much more than the Heat as they are letting them just walk all over them and dominate in the third with back to back 3’s and a free throw to put the Lakers 100-89. Tyler Herro with both free throws and Rajon Rondo with a 3 pointer. Herro at the line again and he makes both. Lakers lead by ten after three, 103-93.

4th quarter

Lakers with a basket to start the fourth, Heat gets one as well. Lakers with back to back 3 pointer but Miami gets within ten now here in fourth, 111-101. Lakers still leading the Heat 115-104. Despite the Heat valiant effort here in the fourth quarter the Lakers defeat Miami.


Lakers 124, Miami 114

Lakers lead the series 2-0


Anthony Davis

39:33 minutes

32 points

14 rebounds

1 assist

1 steal

Rajon Rondo

26 minutes

16 points

4 rebounds

10 assists

Tyler Herro

42:50 minutes

17 points

7 rebounds

3 assists

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