Lakers bounce back after Game 3 loss, to take a 3-1 series lead

NBA Final

Game 4

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Orlando, FL



Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Jae Crowder

Los Angeles

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

1st quarter

Bam Adebayo gets Miami on the board first, Anthony Davis responds for the Lakers to get them on the board, 2-2.  Lakers with a 3 pointer to take the lead, Jimmy Butler with a basket and free throw which he makes to tie it up at 5-5. Lakers with a basket to take a 2 point lead, but Miami answers with a basket of their own to tie up. Heat with a 3 pointer to take the lead, but once again we have a tied game as the Lakers hit a 3 as well, 10-10. Heat with a basket, Lakers answer with a 3 pointer and then a basket by LeBron James for the Lakers have a 3 point lead but it doesn’t last long as the Heat get another basket. Miami really needs to lock down on their defense here against the Lakers if they want a repeat of Game 3, they need to be more physical and not let the Lakers get what they want. Lakers still with the lead but Miami get within one, but they still lead the Heat. Lakers will have a 27-22 lead after the first.

Overall, the Heat’s first quarter was good but not great as I had hoped for; they let off the gas like they did in the first game. I would say that our coach and leaders will help get us calmed down and locked in for the second quarter.

2nd quarter

Miami starts the second with a 3 point play as Duncan Robinson hits all three, Kendrick Nunn with a 3 pointer gives the Heat the lead, 28-27. Bam Adebayo with a basket, Caruso with a basket, and Iguodala with a 3 pointer for the Heat, they’ve gone on an 11-2 run since the start of the second, Lakers down 4. Lakers finally finding a rhythm in the quarter but Miami are still maintaining their lead and the Lakers tie it up once more, 39-39. Jimmy Butler with free throws, making both, Anthony Davis with a basket. Anthony Davis goes for a basket but misses, Adebayo tries to steal but Rondo rebounds and get it to Danny Green for the basket, Kendrick Nunn with the 3 and Heat back up one. Several Lakers try but Rondo rebounds and KCP goes for a 3 and it doesn’t go. Danny Green knocks down a 3, Herro for two, makes the first but misses the second. Caruso with a 3 pointer to add to the Laker’s lead, Herro with a bucket before the buzzer.


Lakers lead Miami 49-47 at the half.

3rd quarter

Both teams miss their first attempt of a basket until Bam Adebayo gets a basket for Miami. Butler with an attempt but is fouled and goes to the line for two, makes just one of two. Tyler Herro with a basket, Danny Green goes for the drive and misses rebounded by Butler, Heat misses and its rebounded by the Lakers, Markieef Morris with a 3 to tie up the game. Foul on James, Bam Adebayo at the line for two, he makes both to give the Heat a 2 point lead. LeBron James with a 3 pointer, and Danny Green with a basket even though Jimmy Butler tried to distract him and another basket to lead 59-54. Kendrick Nunn with a 3 pointer, LeBron James answers with a long 3 of his own and then a free throw, Duncan Robinson with a 3 pointer for the Heat, back within three, 63-60. Kendrick Nunn with free throws, but Anthony Davis with a basket, Butler with free throws, and Kuzma scores for the Lakers, 68-64. Anthony Davis with a 3 pointer, and Kelly Olynyk gets both free throws, 71-66. Lakers lead the Heat 75-70 after three.

4th quarter

Jimmy Butler starts the fourth with a basket for the Heat, but Kyle Kuzma gets one of two free throws, Lakers still leading 79-75.  The Laker with a basket and Tyler Herro hits a 3 pointer. A basket by Anthony Davis, but Duncan Robinson hits his third 3 pointer of the game to tie up but Lakers take a 3 point lead, 86-83. Miami tries to stay close herein the last few minutes but the Lakers seem to have answer and extend their lead. No matter how hard the Heat try they just can’t prevail and the Lakers take the fourth game.


The Lakers defeat Miami 102-96 to take a 3-1 lead over Miami.

Game 5 will be this Friday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC



Anthony Davis

41:31 minutes

22 points

9 rebounds

 4 assists

1 steal

4 blocks

Rajon Rondo

28:14 minutes

2 points

7 rebounds

 5 assists

1 steal


Tyler Herro

37:19 minutes

21 points

7 rebounds

3 assists

1 steal

Bam Adebayo

33:22 minutes

15 points

7 rebounds

 1 assist

1 steal

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