Tyrese Maxey: Pro Day

A year ago today Tyrese Maxey was getting ready for his Kentucky pro day in Lexington. Now he’s getting ready for his NBA pro day. He was asked how he thought he was different from then to today.” I think I’m in better shape for sure, shooting the ball better, more confident and doing things off the dribble.”

Tyrese Maxey started out with ball handling on the court, transition dunks, along with some pick n roll and dribble hand off finishes at the rim.

The scouting report showed that Tyrese is a shot maker who isn’t afraid of the big moments, he’s a creative finisher at the rim who can absorb contact, rough 3 point percent in college (29%), but he has a good form, his mechanics are good, but he needs to shoot it more up than out, and he’s solid on ball defending.

You can find out where Tyrese Maxey along with our other NBA Draft Cats will go on November 18th on ESPN at 7 p.m. ET.

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