Kentucky trying to plan Big Blue Madness for 2020

With the coronavirus striking the United States and cancelling several sporting events when it started and as time has gone on, everyone thought that the yearly Big Blue Madness would be one of those events. But Kentucky is going to try to have BBM in the next few weeks according to KSR’s Matt Jones. Normally in mid October,  and the 2020 basketball season just 24 days away we are hoping that its soon. The event would take place at Memorial Coliseum and be broadcasted on SEC Network. Although there won’t be fans this year, they are hoping to introduce the players, coaches, and staff. They might also have a dunk contest or three point shooting, but no team scrimmages. The NCAA said that there would be no exhibition or scrimmages due to the coronavirus.

No matter what they have planned I’m sure everyone will be excited to see and meet our 2020-2021 Wildcats and Lady Wildcats and hear from them before the season officially commences.

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