Kentucky sweeps Auburn 3-0 at Memorial

Auburn would start off the first set but Kentucky answered, back and forth at first and Auburn stayed close but Kentucky maintained a lead over them till they just went off with it and  would go on to win the first set 25-14

Kentucky 1-0

Auburn would start the second like they did the first with the lead but Kentucky took off once more, Auburn stayed close but it wasn’t enough as Kentucky would win the second set, 25-16 for a 2-0 lead.

Kentucky 2-0

Auburn  again with a 1-0 start in the third, Kentucky ties it up, more back and forth in the beginning of the third, Auburn ties it up two more times and Kentucky  up by 3. Kentucky wins the third set, 25-15.

Final Kentucky 3, Auburn 0

Kentucky sweeps Auburn in 3 sets, they play again tomorrow at 4 p.m .ET on SEC Network

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