Kentucky leads by 10 at halftime

Terry Wilson with a complete to Justin Riggs, Riggs runs 15 yards for KY touchdown getting the Cats on the board, Chance Poore with a PAT, and its good, Kentucky leads 7-0.  Terry Wilson with a 32 yard touchdown for the Cats and Chance Poore with another PAT, and it’s also good, Wildcats leads 14-0 over Vanderbilt.

Kentucky leads 14-0 after the first quarter.

Vanderbilt gets on the board after K. Seals to Chris Pierce for a touchdown, Vandy with a PAT that’s good, Kentucky leads 14-7.Terry Wilson with a 21 yard touchdown pass to Keaton Upshaw, who runs a 79 yard touchdown for the Cats, Chance Poore with a PAT, Kentucky now leads 21-7. Vandy with a touchdown from Ben Bresnhan, and a PAT from Pierson Cooke, Kentucky leads 21-14 here in the second quarter. Chance Poore with 28 yard FG attempt, and it’s good!

Kentucky will lead 24-14 at the halftime

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