Dre’ Una Edwards leads the Cats past Belmont for a 2-0 start

Dre’Una Edwards is being a beast for the Cats as she gets back to back points with 16 already, Belmont answers back, 36-25 early in the third quarter, Blair Green and Chasity Patterson for the Cats, 40-27. Robyn Benton with a 3 pointer but Belmont with a basket and then free throws, 43-31. Dre’Una Edwards adds to her points and the Kentucky lead, she up to 20 and the Cats leads 47-33. Edwards with a career high of 22 points and the Cats still lead 49-36 after three.

Belmont starts off the fourth with a basket, followed by a 3 pointer, but Chasity Patterson for the Cats answers for a 51-39 advantage. A basket by Blair Green, then Belmont follows with a basket and back to back 3 pointers for the Bruins. Dre’Una Edwards just keeps adding to her stats after making both free throws and she assists Robyn Benton by getting her the ball for a Kentucky basket and then Chasity Patterson with another basket. Edwards with a 3 pointer, her second as she is up to 27 points and 14 rebounds, a double-double for the Cats. A 13 -1 run for the Cats and they will survive Belmont and defeat them 70-50 to move to 2-0 to start the season.

Final #11 Kentucky 70, Belmont 50

Kentucky travels to Manhattan, KS to take on Kansas State in this year’s SEC/ Big 12 Challenge, that game is at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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