Experienced Richmond hands young Kentucky first loss of season

Terrance Clarke for Kentucky gets things started for Kentucky in the second half, but Richmond responds with a basket of their own. Golden fouled, Clarke at the line, and he makes both but Richmond with back to back baskets and a goal tend, the game is tied up again. Gilyard with a foul, Boston at the line, he misses. Richmond with a 3 pointer to take the lead, Clarke with a basket, and a chance to tie the game, he makes it and we are tied again. Boston with a basket to go up two, Richmond ties it and then takes the lead with a free throw, 42-41. Back and forth again, but Richmond leads by 3, 46-43, it’s still anyone’s ball game. Lance Ware makes one of two free throws, Richmond with a basket and then a 3 pointer to extend their leads to 7. They make it a 12 point lead, but Olivier Sarr makes both of his free throws, that  cuts it to 10, Isaiah Jackson then cuts it to 8, 58-50. Kentucky can’t seem to stop them and they score two more to bring it back up to 13 over the young Cats with just 4:26 left. Despite their effort, Kentucky suffers their first loss of the season by the hands of Richmond.

Final Richmond 76, #10 Kentucky 64

Kentucky travels to Indianapolis to take on #6 Kansas in the 2020 Champions Classic in a late night game at 9:30 p.m. ET this Tuesday.

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