Kentucky leads at halftime; Kansas struggled in beginning

Kentucky looks to bounce back as they take on Kansas in the 2020 Champions Classic.

Kansas finally breaks the ice on scoring, as no one scored in the first 2 minutes, they get on the board first and Kentucky isn’t far behind with a basket of their own by Olivier Sarr. Kansas with a 3 pointer and Jackson slams it in followed by a free throw to tie up the game, Davion Mintz scores a basket to put the Cats ahead by two, 7-5. BJ Boston with a dunk and now the Cats extend the lead to 6, 11-5 as they went on a 9-0 run and the Jayhawks are struggling as they haven’t scored since their 3 pointer. Another dunk by Boston and free throws by Mintz makes it 15-5. Kansas finally gets out of their scoring funk to get two more baskets, but Kentucky is just ahead, 21-9. Back and forth now between these two, and Kentucky finally gets a 3 pointer from Dontaie Allen. More back and forth but Kentucky seems to maintaining their lead in this one as they lead 32-22 with roughly 3:43 left in the first half. Kansas closes in on Kentucky here down to the wire but Kentucky with free throws and they lead 35-29 at the half.

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