Indiana halftime

Kentucky on the board first with a basket by Chasity Patterson, Indiana responds and gets on the board as well. 3 pointers for the Cats gives them the lead but Indiana scores one as well to take it back. Rhyne Howard with a basket and one, to take the lead, 8-7. Hoosiers have taken back their lead over Kentucky here in the first quarter 17-12.Indiana ends the first quarter with a 3 pointer putting Indiana up 21-12 after one.

End 1st #13 Indiana 21, #11 Kentucky 12

Kentucky has only scored a basket, and Indiana is up by 14 points, 28-14. Dre’Una Edwards with a much needed 3 pointer for the Cats, Indiana response, Cats with a basket, and Indiana answers again still maintaining their lead, 32-19. Robyn Benton at the line for two, makes one of two and Rhyne Howard with a 3. But Indiana with a basket, and one, which they miss, Kentucky is going to try to close it in before the half but Indiana just keeps it ahead leading 36-23 at the half.

Halftime #13 Indiana 36, #11 Kentucky 23

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