Indiana postgame

Blair Green starts the Cats off with two free throws that both she makes getting them within 11 of the Hoosiers. Rhyne Howard with a basket, but Indiana answers with a basket and go to the line , but miss, rebound and get a layup, 40-27. Rhyne Howard with a 3 pointer, Indiana misses but they rebound then head to the line, making it. Olivia Owens with a jumper, but Indiana still leading, Cats   with a layup and Indiana responds, 45-34. Rhyne Howard with a 3, Indiana with back to back layups, 47-39. Back and forth between these two teams Kentucky within 8, with a 3 pointer by Tatyana Wyatt and a basket by Robyn Benton, Hoosiers with a layup and jumper to end the third, they lead 54-44 after three.

Dre’ Una Edwards starts the fourth quarter off with a 3 pointer followed by a layup from Indiana, then some free throws, 57-49. Minutes later the Cats are only down by 8. Kentucky has made a run in the fourth with baskets, 3 pointers and free throws to have the lead again, 60-59. Indiana with free throws to take the lead back, 61-60. Kentucky makes another short comeback within the last minutes of the fourth to lead 66-61 but Indiana gets within two. Rhyne Howard makes a comeback after struggling in her first game, she has 22 points. Kentucky survives again to finally defeat Indiana 72-68 for the first time since 1990.

Final #11 Kentucky 72, #13 Indiana 68

Kentucky moves to 4-0 and they host Marshall on Tuesday at Memorial Coliseum at 7 p.m. ET

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