Notre Dame halftime

Kentucky looks to get on the right track after 3 losses to start off their season, not a good look for the Cats. The Cats have lacked toughness and their turnovers killed them in their past 3 games, but Coach Calipari put them through Camp Cal this week starting Tuesday with 2 practices and a strength and conditioning workouts. Will we see if Camp Cal has worked out in their game against Notre Dame?

 Olivier Sarr gets the Cats started with back to back baskets, a 4-0 lead, but Notre answers with a basket then a 3 pointer to take the lead. Isaiah Jackson makes one of two free throws to tie up the game. Notre Dame with a basket then free throws to take a 9-5 lead but Terrance Clarke gets a much needed basket for the Cats cutting the lead to just two.  Fighting Irish on a 11-0 run with a 18 point lead that includes 4 3 pointers, 27-9. It just gets worse as  Notre Dame dominates Kentucky but the Cats show a little more fire but the Fighting Irish lead  48-26, a 22 point lead and the worse halftime deficit in Kentucky history.

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