Notre Dame postgame

Kentucky starts the second half with a basket, then 3 pointer from Terrance Clarke for a 5-0 Kentucky run, but Notre Dame gets a basket and they still lead 53-33, but it’s still anybody ballgame. Kentucky with another 5-0 run followed by a tip in basket by Sarr, they have it down to just 13 points. The Cats have erased their 22 point deficit to just 4 but the Fighting Irish went on a 0-16 drought but finally scored to lead 55-49. Notre Dame is back up 9, but these Cats need to finish this out and finish strong. A 3 pointer for the Cats and it is down to 6 again, 62-56. The Cats have it down to just one point but the Fighting Irish hang on by a point to defeat Kentucky 64-63.

Final Notre Dame 64, Kentucky 63

Kentucky fought valiantly in the second half but it wasn’t enough, Kentucky travels to Cleveland to take on UCLA in the CBS Sports Classic.

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