Samford halftime

Kentucky looks to remain perfect as they close out their home slate before going on the road.

Rhyne Howard starts the Cats off with a jumper, Samford responds with a 3 pointer to take the lead, but that is short lived when KeKe McKinney gets a jumper followed by a 3 pointer by Chasity Patterson, then a layup. Samford with another 3 pointer but the Cats still lead 11-6.  Kentucky with a free throw, a Samford layup followed by a Kentucky 3 pointer and it’s back and forth with Kentucky still   maintaining their lead as they have a 23-14 lead after one.

Samford starts the second quarter with a jumper, followed by a 3 pointer by Blair Green. More back and forth with free throws and baskets and back to back layups with a Kentucky lead, and then free throws for Samford, Rhyne Howard with a 3 pointer, and Kentucky with a 20 point lead. Kentucky will lead 50-31 at the half. Dre’Una  Edwards leads with 15 points, followed by Rhyne Howard with 10, and Blair Green with 7.

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