Samford postgame

Blair green starts the third quarter off with a 3 pointer for the Cats, followed by a 3 pointer by Rhyne Howard, another 3 pointer this time by Chasity Patterson, a 9-0 Kentucky run puts them up 59-31. Samford finally ends their scoring drought with a basket. Fast forward in the quarter with several free throws and baskets later, Chasity Patterson ends the quarter with a free throw for a 73-41 Wildcat lead after three.

 Samford starts the fourth quarter on a 4-0 run, Chasity Patterson with a 3 pointer. Despite a Kentucky lead, Samford is outscoring them here in the fourth 10-4, having cut down the lead to just 28 points, the largest was 32. With a jumper by Nyah Leveretter and a 3 pointer by Treasure Hunt the Cats start to close in on a victory here at Memorial. Kentucky will hold on and defeat Samford 88-54.

Kentucky closed out their 3 game home slate as they take on DePaul on the road on Wednesday.

Final #9 Kentucky 88, Samford 54

Kentucky moves to 6-0, and Samford falls to 1-5.

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