DePaul upsets Kentucky; hands them first loss of season

DePaul goes on a 5-0 run to take the lead back, Kentucky scores and then take the lead back but that is short lived again with a layup by DePaul back up top, they go on another short run to lead the Cats by two but then they hit a jumper to make it 50-46. DePaul on a 5-4 as Kentucky gets back to back jumpers by Chasity Patterson. DePaul with a 7 point lead here in the last few seconds of the third quarter but Robyn Benton hits a 3 pointer to cut it down to just four and DePaul takes a 57-53 lead after three. Kentucky needs to go on a good run in the fourth if they want to survive this game on the road.

DePaul starts the fourth quarter with a jumper, Chasity Patterson hits a 3 pointer and then back to back free throws after a DePaul layup. Back and forth between these two teams as Kentucky tries to get close enough but DePaul seems to have an answers and a 3 pointer. Kentucky has quite a tough opponent here in DePaul on the road without any fans, keep fighting girls. Despite their valiant effort against DePaul, the once undefeated Wildcats fall to DePaul and suffer their first loss of the season.

Final 24 DePaul 86, 9 Kentucky 82

DePaul moves to 3-2, Kentucky falls to 6-1

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