Mississippi State halftime

Kentucky is looking for their second consecutive win over their second top 15 opponent as they face No. 12 Mississippi State on the road.

 Dre’Una Edwards gets the Cats on the board first with a 3 pointer, Miss State on the board after making both free throws, 3-2. Rhyne Howard at the line for two, she makes both. Miss State with back to back field goals to give them the lead. Robyn Benton hits a 3 pointer giving the Cats back the lead, but Miss State with free throws ties up the game.  A little you score, I score goes on but Miss State ends up with the lead after one quarter, 17-16.

Kentucky starts off the second quarter making both free throws to tie, and then take the lead. Miss State with a layup to go back ahead followed by a Kentucky 3 pointer, a tie up game at 21-21, Miss State with a 3 pointer and Kentucky answers right back with a 3 pointer as we have a tied up game, 24-24. Kentucky takes the lead after a jumper by Jazmine Massengill and Olivia Owens and then Rhyne Howard but Miss State answers with a 3 pointer and a second chance jumper to get within one of Kentucky, 30-29. Kentucky answers with a basket followed by a 3 pointer to be up 34-29. Miss State with basket and Kentucky answers right back with one. Kentucky leads Mississippi State 36-34 at halftime.

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