Texas A&M halftime

Kentucky is looking to get their third straight win here in SEC play, they face 8th ranked Texas A & M on the road, this is their third ranked opponent in a row.

Aggies get the ball but Dre’ Una Edwards steals it and gives it to KeKe McKinney for a 3 pointer for the Cats, and a basket gives the Cats an early 5-0 lead but Aggies find a way to answers with back to back baskets by Jordan Nixon, Kentucky with a basket and Nixon answers again with a basket, she has all of the Aggies points. N’dea Jones with an attempt but Rhyne Howard picks her pocket, Cats with 4 turnovers so far her in the first quarter, not good for Kentucky. Jordan Nixon with a basket to give the Aggies the lead, but Jasmine Massengill answers to take back the lead, Nixon with a 3 pointer, Aggies back with the lead, Kentucky basket ties the game up, 11-11. Ciera Johnson with a basket for the Aggies and they are up by two, Robyn Benton knocks down a 3 pointer and a free throws which she makes  to give the Cats a 15-13 lead.  Aggies tie up again, but Kentucky responds and they will have a 21-18 lead after one quarter.

Rhyne Howard with a basket to start the second quarter, Aggies miss and Kentucky rebounds but can’t seem to score. Aggies finally score in the second and Kentucky goes on a 4-0 run but the Aggies score, 27-22. Aggies score but Kentucky answers. Aggies stay close here in the second, and we are all tied up here going into the halftime, 31-31.

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