Florida halftime

Florida on the board first after the Cat’s first possession is a turnover, Boston attempts but misses, Florida rebounds and they get a 3 pointer to have an early 5-0 lead. BJ Boston finally gets the Cats on the board, Florida with a basket to answer, Davion Mintz gets his first points and a foul on Appleby sends Mintz to the line for a 3 point play, he makes it and the Cat are within two.  Mintz for the basket but a slip and fall turns into a travel and the ball goes back to the Gators, Florida with a 3 pointer to go back up by 5. Olivier Sarr with a basket, Florida turnover leads to a 3 pointer by Dontaie Allen to tie up the game, Florida misses and Kentucky with the chance to take the lead but they miss. Dontaie Allen with another 3 pointer gives the Cats the lead for the first time, and alley-oop dunk for the returning Keion Brooks adds to their lead, on a 10-0 run, Sarr adds another basket and Florida scores several basket and then a 3 pointer to tie us up at 17-17 and Kentucky with another basket to take the lead but Florida responds with a 3 pointer to take the lead, 20-19.  BJ Boston with a much needed 3 pointer and Kentucky will take the lead back plus a basket puts them up 24-20. Florida with a free throw then 3 pointer to tie up the game yet again. Keion Brooks with his second basket of the game followed by a basket by Isaiah Jackson, he has a chance for a 3 point play but it’s too strong, they lead 28-24. Kentucky will lead 35-29 at the half.

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