Alabama halftime

Kentucky is coming off an 18 point victory over Florida this past weekend and is looking to keep their winning streak alive.

Alabama off to good start as they hit a 3 pointer to start out the game followed by a dunk, Devin Askew finally gets the Cats on the board, Bama leads 5-2.Alabama gets another 3 pointer but Askew at the line for two, and he makes both but Alabama answers with a layup, 10-4.  Alabama seems to be able to hit a 3 and Kentucky can’t seem to hit one as they only have 2 so far in this half. The Tide just keep adding to their lead after John Petty hits a 3 to make it 33-22. Alabama hits yet another 3 pointer to make it 13 point lead, Dontaie Allen hits one as well but Petty hits another one as the Tide has 9 and Kentucky has 3. Another 3 pointer by the Tide, 42-28, Olivier Sarr at the line for two, he makes both to make it just 12 points. Alabama will lead 42-30 at halftime.

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