Auburn halftime

 About roughly 2 minutes into this game no one can seem to score and Auburn is on the board first and Kentucky is still pointless. Dontaie Allen stuffs it in for the Cats getting them on the board, 2-2. Dontaie Allen with a 3 pointer to put the Cats up front, and they go on a 4-0 run. Auburn quickly catches up with a basket, 3 pointer, and another basket. Technical foul on Jacob Toppin sends Auburn to the line where they make one of two to make it just a one point game. Both of these teams struggled in the start of the game as we still have a low scoring game halfway through, Kentucky leads 11-8. BJ Boston with a 3 pointer for the Cats, and Auburn answers with a basket and now are within just two, 16-14. Auburn with a 3 pointer to take their first lead since the start of the half at 2-0, Kentucky responds with basket to take it right back, a Auburn foul sends them to the line and they make both, Dontaie Allen with a 3 pointer, Auburn answers with a basket. Jacob Toppin at the line, he makes both. Auburn goes to the line making both and Kentucky takes a 25-21 lead into the half

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