Georgia halftime

Kentucky with a turnover to start the first few minutes, but Georgia doesn’t answers as they miss. Kentucky misses another attempt, so does Georgia. Another miss and a run down the court to get a goal tend and the first basket of the game. Kentucky misses and the Bulldogs with a 3 pointer to lead 5-0 early, but starting 0-5 but Davion Mintz gets one in getting them on the board. Georgia is one of two for free throws, and Devin Askew makes both of his to make it 6-4. Georgia with another basket but Kentucky finally answers and so does Georgia, 10-6. Kentucky makes one of two and then gets a basket getting within one. Devin Askew passes it to Isaiah Jackson to stuff it and the lead, Georgia answers but BJ Boston gets a basket to take it right back. Kentucky heads back to the line making both, Georgia will answer and then get another basket to take the lead. Georgia with back to back baskets as they go back ahead by three, they hit back to back three pointers to make it a 9 point game, 26-17, the Cats are struggling from behind the arc as they have yet to hit a 3 pointer and Georgia has three. Kentucky with another basket and another as they try to cut down the Bulldog lead as BJ Boston has two of the last three baskets and has it down to three. Boston with a career high 12 points leading the Cats as he gets them within one, but Georgia answers  back up by three, Sarr who has been quiet so far finally scores within one again. Georgia will lead 30-27 into halftime.

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