Auburn postgame

Blair Green starts the Cats off with a 3 pointer in the third quarter, Auburn answers with a layup and a free throw. Kentucky at the line after Auburn foul, Chasity Patterson makes both, and Olivia Owens makes one of two after another Auburn foul.  Auburn scores a layup and a free throw, Blair Green with a jumper, Dre’Una Edwards with a layup, 50-38.  Blair Green with a layup, Auburn responses with a 3, and Kentucky gets a layup. Back and forth but Kentucky has the lead after three, 59-50.

Blair Green right out of the gate in the fourth as she gets a jumper, Auburn would answer; Rhyne Howard drains a 3 pointer for the Cats. Robyn Benton with a 3 pointer, Cats up by 11, 67-56.Kentucky defeats Auburn 76-71 on the road.

Final 12 Kentucky 76, Auburn 71

Kentucky travels to Knoxville on Sunday to take on Tennessee in their game that was recently rescheduled after it was postponed earlier this month.

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