Tennessee postgame

Tennessee goes on a 6-0 run to start off the third quarter, but a Tennessee fouls sends Kentucky to the line, Rhyne Howard makes one of two. Tennessee with a 3 pointer followed by a layup, Kentucky gets a layup and Tennessee responds with another 3 pointer, Kentucky answers with one as well, 41-31. Tennessee hits a layup, makes one of two free throws, a layup, and ends it with a  free throw and layup having a 49-31 lead.

Tennessee with back to back layups to start out the fourth quarter, Kentucky makes one of two free throws. Vols go on a 5-0 run before Chasity Patterson hits a 3 pointer for the Cats, Vols with a layup and Cats answers with a jumper. Tennessee gets a layup, Kentucky makes both free throws.  Tennessee scores a few more times before Rhyne Howard hits a 3 pointer for the Cats with just 30 seconds left but it’s not enough as Tennessee will upset Kentucky 70-53.

Final 25 Tennessee 70, 12 Kentucky 53

Kentucky will fall to 11-4, 4-3 as Tennessee will move to 10-3, 4-1. Kentucky will host Alabama this Thursday at Memorial Coliseum at 6:30 p.m. ET

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