4 Kentucky sweeps Arkansas to start 2021 Spring season

Set 1:

Kentucky will lead 15-10 over Arkansas as Azhani Tealer already has 3 kills and a block. Kentucky got 8 of the last 10 points as they lead 22-12. Kentucky will take the first set over Arkansas 25-15.

Set 2:

Kentucky is up 7-0 here in the second set over Arkansas. The Razorbacks are finally on the board but the Cats are stilling leading 19-9. Kentucky wins set 2, 25-16 as they take a 2-0 lead

Set 3:

Arkansas turns the tables as they have the lead in the third set as the Cats struggle, 13-9. Kentucky makes a comeback to have it all tied up at 22 after some big stuff from Azhani and Madison as the Cats score three straight. The Cats end up with seven points in a row to win the third set, 25-22. Kentucky starts off the 2021 spring season with a sweep over Arkansas.

Final 4 Kentucky 3, Arkansas 0

TeamSet 1Set 2Set 3Total

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