4 Kentucky sweeps Arkansas to start off with a 2-0 record, starts 10-0

Set 1:

Kentucky is on the board first and off to a 2-0 start but Arkansas will get on the board. Kentucky now takes a 9-2 lead as they are having a block party here in Fayetteville. Kentucky will win the first set, 25-15.

Set 2:

Cats with an early 3-1 lead here in the second set. Six unanswered points for the Cats, and they will lead 11-5. Arkansas catches up but only for the Cats to take the second set, 25-14. They lead this 2-0.

Set 3:

Arkansas gets the first point of the third set; Kentucky gets on the board tying up the match. Arkansas with back to back points, Kentucky will answer with back to back points of their own tying it up. Avery Skinner with her 11th kill for the Cats and the Cats will take the lead. Arkansas comes back and eventually takes back the lead up by two.  Kentucky ties it up and then takes the lead only for Arkansas to tie up. Arkansas will take back the lead and have the lead for a little bit before Kentucky makes a comeback to win the third set, 26-24

Final 4 Kentucky 3, Arkansas 0

Kentucky sweeps Arkansas 2-0 as they move to 10-0 in the season.

TeamSet 1Set 2Set 3Total

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