Missouri postgame

KeKe McKinney starts the Cats off in the third by draining a 3 pointer, Missouri with a basket. Missouri has gone on a 4-0 run while Kentucky hasn’t scored since their 3 pointer, 31-24. Rhyne Howard ends their run with a basket and one, making the basket to complete their 3 point play. Missouri at the line, they make one of two and then they get a basket. Rhyne Howard drains a 3 pointer and the Cats leading by five, Missouri at the line making both free throws cuts it down to just three as Kentucky leads 42-39 after three.

Missouri with a basket to start off the fourth, getting within one, Kentucky responds with a basket, Missouri made one of two free throws and Rhyne Howard scores a basket for the Cats. Another 4-4 run between these teams, Missouri with a 3 pointer they get within one. They take their first lead since they were up 2-0 in the first quarter. Missouri makes one of two and then another one of two to lead by 3. Dre’Una Edwards makes both of her free throws and then a basket to give the Cats back the lead. Two more free throws for the Cats but Missouri responds with a basket but Kentucky gets two more free throws. Kentucky will defeat Missouri in a close game, 61-55.

Final 15 Kentucky 61, Missouri 55

Kentucky will travel to Oxford to take on Ole Miss on Thursday.

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