Ole Miss postgame

Kentucky with a 3 pointer by Jazmine Massengill starts off the third quarter, Rhyne Howard scores a layup as well. Chasity Patterson with a layup, Rebels get a jumper, and Kentucky answers right back with a layup. Chasity Patterson drains a 3 pointer, but Ole Miss scores a layup and then a free throw. Robyn Benton makes one of two free throws as the Cats are still trying to chip away at the Rebels lead, Ole Miss will respond with a layup. KeKe McKinney with a jumper, Rebels get a layup. Ole Miss makes one of two free throws; Kentucky does the same, Rebels with a jumper. Kentucky makes one of two again, Rebels with a layup. Kentucky makes a layup but Ole Miss has a 55-47 lead going into the fourth.

Rhyne Howard drains a 3 pointer to start out the fourth quarter as they are still trying to catch up to the Rebels but Ole Miss makes both of their free throws to extend their lead, Rhyne Howard gets a jumper. Rebels make one of two free throws, and then make a jumper. Rhyne Howard drains a 3 pointer for the Cats; a foul on her sends the Rebels to the line, where they make both free throws. Ole Miss fouls sends Kentucky to the line, Rhyne Howard makes both for the Cats. Rebels hit a jumper and a layup and then another jumper. Kentucky makes a jumper, Rebels answer with two free throws. They make two more, Kentucky makes one of two. Ole Miss defeats Kentucky 72-60.

Kentucky will host Tennessee at Rupp Arena next Thursday on SEC Network+ at 7 p.m. ET.

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