Tennesse halftime

Tennessee gets on the board first with a basket, Chasity Patterson answers for the Cats with a basket of her own to tie up the game. Tennessee takes the lead with a layup, Chasity with the Cats first 5 points as she drains a 3 pointer and a one point lead, 5-4. Tennessee back up front again with a jumper, Blair Green drains a 3 for the Cats, and they are back up top. Olivia Owens with a jumper, Tennessee quick to answer with a layup, Kentucky still with the lead over the Lady Vols. Dre’Una Edwards makes one of two free throws. Kentucky with a layup, Tennessee answers with one, plus free throws that they make. Kentucky will take a 13-11 lead into the second quarter.

Kentucky scores the first points in the second quarter, a layup from Chasity Patterson, Tennessee with a jumper. Robyn Benton with a 3 pointer, Chasity Patterson with a layup, Tennessee hits a jumper, they make one of two free throws. Tennessee with a layup, Kentucky answers with a 3 pointer, Tennessee with a jumper. Kentucky goes on a 12-0 run, before Tennessee ends their scoring drought getting a jumper and a free throw and then a 3 pointer. Chasity Patterson ends the quarter with a jumper and the Cats have a 37-26 lead at halftime

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