Samford: Game 2

Miranda Stoddard starts off the first inning with a three run home run for the Cats to give them a 3-0 lead. Mallory Peyton scores a home run to make it 4-0. Another home run this time by Grace Baalman and that adds two more runs to their score, 6-0. Kayla Kowalik hits her first career HR as she adds two more and the Cats are up 8-0 in the top of the first innings. Samford is scoreless in the first inning.

 E1 Kentucky 8, Samford 0

Grace Baalman singles and scores in Lauren Johnson and Mallory Peyton. Erin Coffel singles and scores in two more for the Cats to take a 12-0 lead. Samford is scoreless again.

E2 Kentucky 12, Samford 0

Kentucky doesn’t score in the top of the third, but Samford scores three to get on the board.

E3 Kentucky 12, Samford 3

 Erin Coffel singles and she scores in Spangler, Renee Abernathy singles scoring in Smith for the Cats to get two more. Kentucky shuts the Samford offense in the fourth.

Kentucky scores one more run and they defeat Samford 15-3.

Final 13 Kentucky 15, Samford 3

Kentucky closes out the Samford Invitational tomorrow.

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