Kentucky sweeps Samford to start out opening weekend

Lauren Johnson gets the Cats on the board as she singles out to center field with a 2 RBI, Miranda Stoddard and Renee Abernathy score in for the Cats to lead 2-0. Samford doubles to the left side, they score two and we are tied up. Samford scores again to take the lead.

Samford 3, Kentucky 2

Renee Abernathy singles out to center field, scoring in Kowalik and Spangler for two more to take back the lead. Samford score two in the inning to take it right back, a one point lead for the Bulldogs.

Samford 5, Kentucky 4

Kentucky scores three in the third inning to have a 7-5 lead, Samford answers right back with three of their own as they take it back.

Samford 8, Kentucky 7

Autumn Humes with a 2 run home run for the Cats to take a two point lead, they add two more to lead by four, Samford doesn’t score in the fourth.

Kentucky 11, Samford 8

Kentucky scores a run in the fifth, Samford also scores a run.

Kentucky 12, Samford 9

Final 13 Kentucky 12, Samford 9

Kentucky will start off the 2021 season undefeated and sweep Samford.

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