Florida halftime

Kentucky starts the quarter off with back to back three pointers, one from Chasity Patterson and one from Rhyne Howard to have a 6-0 lead but Florida gets 6 unanswered points to tie up the game. KeKe McKinney gets a basket and Kentucky gets another taking a 10-6 lead. Florida with a 3 pointer, Kentucky answers right back with one. Florida gets back to back baskets to tie it up once again. Kentucky scores, so does Florida. Kentucky gets a basket to take the lead after the third tie up of the game. Florida take advantage of an open lane to tie us up again but Kentucky will get a basket. Florida responds right back and Kentucky will get the least basket of the quarter and lead 21-19.

Florida starts off the second quarter with back to back three pointers to take the lead. Kentucky scores a basket, Florida at the line to make both, they are up by six and have gone on a 10-2 run. Kentucky gets another basket, Florida at the line makes one of two, at the line again, makes one of two again. Olivia Owens gets the basket, but misses the free throw. Chasity Patterson from the deep as she drains a 3 pointer for the Cats, Florida responds with one of their own, Kentucky with a basket. Back and forth as Kentucky will get it within one, and a basket from Blair Green gives the Cats the lead. Cats on a 10-0 run to have a 47-42 lead at halftime.

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