Vanderbilt postgame

Vanderbilt with a basket to start off the second half, they add two free throws to go on a 6-0 run to cut it down to just 6 points, Kentucky can’t seem to get a basket but they finally do but Vanderbilt scores two more baskets to make it a four point game as Vandy has gone a 10-2 run. Vanderbilt drains a 3 pointer to make it a one point game, but Kentucky responds with a basket, Vandy answers. Kentucky with a technical, Vandy at the line, they make one to tie it up. Davion Mintz drains a 3 pointer to take back the lead. Vandy at the line and they make just one of two, but Kentucky gets back to back baskets, both by Olivier Sarr. Vanderbilt scores, so does Kentucky as they lead by seven. Vanderbilt keeps chipping away at the lead as they drain a 3 pointer, Toppin answers for the Cats with one. Cats with a basket, Vandy answers right back. Back and forth but Kentucky has seven point lead down the stretch as we are under 4 minutes, a point where Kentucky has struggled before as Vanderbilt makes free throws and basket, they have it within one. Kentucky gets both free throws, and then Vanderbilt makes both as well for another one point game. Kentucky with two more sets of free throws and they have a 5 point lead, but Vanderbilt goes to the line for three, Pippen Jr. makes all three for just two point game, Askew at the line for two, and he makes them both to make it four points. Kentucky will sweep Vanderbilt in their two games series defeating them 82-78.

Final Kentucky 82, Vanderbilt 78

Kentucky will travel to Knoxville to take on the 19th Tennessee on Saturday.

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