Kentucky vs. Florida


Halley Taylor-9.675

Alyssa Baumann-9.825

Jazmyn Foberg-9.800

Payton Richards-9.850

Ellie Lazzari-9.850

Megan Skaggs-9.775

Total- 49.125

Kentucky- Bars

Bailey Bunn-9.725

Hailey Davis -9.750

Cally Nixon-9.875

Raena Worley-9.900

Shaelyn Luksik-9.250

Josie Angeny-9.775

Total- 49.075

Florida leads Kentucky 49.125 to 49.075 after the first rotation

Florida- Bars

Alyssa Baumann-9.925

Payton Richards-9.775

Ellie Lazzari-9.850

Megan Skaggs-9.925

Gabrielle Gallentine-9.800

Leah Clapper-9.875

Total- 49.375


Bailey Bunn-9.800

Cally Nixon-9.825

Raena Worley-9.825

Josie Angeny-9.775

Isabella Magnelli-9.825

Arianna Patterson-9.825


Florida leads Kentucky 95.500 to 95.200 after the second rotation of the night.


Halley Taylor-9.825

Alyssa Baumann-9.950

Payton Richards-9.875

Ellie Lazzari-9.925

Megan Skaggs-9.925

Leah Clapper-10.000


Kentucky- Floor

Bailey Bunn-9.825

Hailey Davis-9.750

Raena Worley-9.925

Josie Angeny-9.850

Anna Haigis-9.875

Makenna Clarke-9.850


Florida still leads after three, 145.175 to 144.525

Florida- Floor

Halley Taylor-9.800

Alyssa Baumann-9.950

Payton Richards-9.875

Ellie Lazzari-9.825

Megan Skaggs-9.875

Leah Clapper-9.700


Kentucky- Beam

Bailey Bunn-9.925

Cally Nixon-9.750

Raena Worley-9.950

Josie Angeny-9.900

Isabella Magnelli-9.825

Anna Haigis-9.650


Florida defeats Kentucky 197.500 to 196.875

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