UNC Greensboro: Game 2

Renee Abernathy hits a home run for Kentucky in the first inning to get the Cats on the board. UNCG scoreless in the first inning and Kentucky will lead 1-0 after one.

A two run RBI by Kayla Kowalik scores in Vanessa Nesby and Erica Thalen, Kentucky takes a 4-0 lead with bases loaded and just two outs. Grand Slam by Autumn Humes for the Cats to have a 9-0 lead in the second inning, UNCG scores three in the second.

 Erin Coffel with a home run in the third, Cats go up 11-3. Kentucky doesn’t allow UNCG to score with a 1-2-3 inning as they lead 11-3.

 Renee Abernathy hits another home run, along with an RBI single from Rylea Smith and Lauren Johnson as the Cats lead 14-3. UNCG is able to get a run in the fourth, but Kentucky leads 14-4.

Kentucky sweeps UNCG defeating them 14-4 in the second game of the day. Next they head to Buies Creek for the 2021 Campbell Invitational

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