North Carolina Central

Kayla Kowalik triples out to right center field getting on the base and Erin Coffel grounds out to short stop to score in Kayla Kowalik to put Kentucky on the board first. North Carolina Central scoreless and Kentucky will lead 1-0 after one.

Kentucky and NCC both scoreless in the second inning, Kentucky still leads 1-0.

Kayla Kowalik doubles to left field and Erin Coffel doubles to right center field to score Kayla Kowalik for a run for the Cats. Kentucky with bases loaded and no outs. Renee Abernathy flies out to center field and scores in Erin Coffel. Miranda Stoddard with a sac fly out to center field, scores in Lauren Johnson. And another run the Cats lead by 5 after three.

 Kentucky adds three more in the fourth, and NCCU finally gets on the board with a double and single, Kentucky 8, NCCU 1.

Home run for Kayla Kowalik brings into two more for the Cats, Erin Coffel hits a home run as well adds another run, Renee Abernathy with a home run, that’s three more, and Erica Thulen with an RBI walks in a run, and another run for the Cats to lead 20-1

Final/5  12 Kentucky 20, North Carolina Central 1

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