Kentucky vs. EKU

EKU gets nothing across the board in the first, TJ Collett singles to 2nd and Austin Schultz scores to get the Cats on the board. Reuben Church triples to right center field, he scores in TJ Collett to tack on another run for the Cats in the first.

Kentucky 2, EKU 0

Oraj Anu doubles to lf, and he will score in John Rhodes in the third.

Kentucky 3, EKU 0

 EKU finally gets on the board in the fourth inning after M. Williams singles and scores in B. Lovell.

Kentucky 3, EKU 1

 D. Harris advances to third on a wild pitch by Kentucky, Logan Thomason scores. Brent Lovell flies out to left field and D. Harris scores tying the game up in the fifth. John Rhodes with a Big Blue Bomb and scores in Austin Schultz, for the Cats to take back the lead after five.

Kentucky 5, EKU 3

TJ Collett flies out to center field and scores in Zeke Lewis for a run in the sixth.

Kentucky 6, EKU 3

Final Kentucky 6, EKU 3

Kentucky is back at it again tomorrow afternoon when they host Evansville at 4 p.m. at Kentucky Proud Park.

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