Ole Miss postgame

Ole Miss to start the second half off with free throws, Olivier Sarr answer with a 3 pointer and Davion Mintz drains one as well for the Cats to take their first lead of the game. Sarr at the line for two, he makes both and Ole Miss will answer with a 3 of their own to tie it up. Jackson with a basket and Ole Miss will drain another 3 pointer to take back the lead.  Kentucky with a basket to take the lead back, Davion Mintz with a 3 pointer and Sarr with free throws, but Ole Miss will drain a 3 pointer and Kentucky answers right back with a basket. Ole Miss with 5 points straight to tie it up, and two free throws to take the lead again. Kentucky down two, but Jackson gets us a basket tying it back up. Ole Miss gets a basket, and head to the line for one, they make it and are up by three. BJ Boston with the dunk makes it just one, Ole Miss answers with a 3 pointer, and Brooks with a basket brings us back to just two. Ole Miss’s lead balloons up to seven points and then eight, but a few free throws has gotten it down to just five points. Ole Miss goes to the line and makes one of two. Davion Mintz goes to the line, he misses both. Ole Miss goes to the lien and makes both, Kentucky gets a basket. Ole Miss back to the line for two and they defeat Kentucky 70-62.

Final Ole Miss 70, Kentucky 62

Kentucky will close out their regular season hosting South Carolina on Saturday, this game was originally scheduled for back in December.

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