Kentucky vs. LSU

Kentucky has the first 5 points of the first and LSU gets back to back before Kentucky goes on a 4-0 run. Kentucky and LSU go back and forth but Kentucky goes on another 4-0 run. LSU gets a few points and Kentucky answers right back. Kentucky takes the first set over LSU, 25-12

LSU first to score the two points in the second, Kentucky gets two to finally get on the board. LSU answers and so does as LSU leads the Cats for a bit, but Kentucky takes the lead with a 5-0 run. LSU answers, Kentucky gets two more. Back and forth as Kentucky still leads and Kentucky wins the second set as well, 25-17.

Kentucky is on the board first in the third, LSU answers right back. Kentucky with another point and LSU is right behind them with one and ties it. More back and forth as Kentucky take the lead but LSU is right there. Kentucky still fights to maintain their lead over LSU and wins the third and final set of the match.

Kentucky defeats LSU 3-0

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