SEC Tournament: Mississippi State postgame

Dontaie Allen makes a jump shot, Iverson Molinar responds with a jump shot as well. Olivier Sarr misses, Wildcats rebound, and Sarr makes a jump shot. Miss State makes a jump shot, Sarr responds, Miss State responds with a 3 pointer. Davion Mintz responds right back with one, Miss State with a pullup shot, Miss State fouls, and Olivier Sarr makes both free throws. Miss State misses two attempts but got offensive rebounds for them to score a layup. Miss State fouls; Dontaie Allen makes one of two free throws and then hits a 3 pointer to get the Cats within seven. Miss State hits a 3 pointer, Jackson with a layup, but he gets fouled sending the Bulldogs to the line, they make both. Dontaie Allen hits a 3 pointer, Miss State responds with a basket, and Jackson makes an alley-oop dunk and Dontaie Allen with a basket. Dontaie Allen drains a 3 pointer the Cats, Keion Brooks to the line, he makes both and we have a tied ball game. Miss State with a layup, they get another layup, Dontaie Allen responds with a 3 pointer, layup from Miss State, and Olivier Sarr hits a jump shot and free throw as they Cats have taken the lead , Davion Mintz hits a 3 pointer. Miss state hits back to back 3 pointers to take the lead, Olivier Sarr with hook shot for the Cats to take back the lead, but Miss State goes to the line, makes both to take back the lead. Kentucky falls to Mississippi State in the second round, ending their SEC run and their hopes of making it to the NCAA Tournament. Mississippi State defeats Kentucky 74-73.

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