Kentucky vs. Florida

Nothing across the board for the Cats or the Gators in the first inning, we are scoreless heading to the second. Florida doesn’t allow Kentucky to score in the second inning either and a 3 up 3 down inning for Autumn Humes in the second. Kentucky gets Tatum Spangler all the way to third base, but Florida won’t allow her to score, and Autumn Humes doesn’t allow Florida to score either, we are still scoreless after three. Kentucky gets on the board first after Autumn Humes with a SAC fly to center field and scores in Lauren Johnson to lead 1-0 in the fourth, Florida is on the board with a double from Lindaman and Echols and Adams score for the Gators to take a 2-1 lead after four.  Florida gets another run as Echols doubles to center and scores in Adams, they lead 3-1.

Kentucky will suffer their first loss of the season as Florida defeats them 3-1.

Final Florida 3, Kentucky 1

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