Kentucky vs. Ole Miss

First set:

Ole Miss with a kill to score the first point of the set, Kentucky answers them with a kill by Madi Skinner. Ole Miss with back to back attack errors but Kentucky will respond and then finally take the lead but Ole Miss stays right behind them and then takes the lead at 18-17, but Kentucky makes a short comeback to take the first set over Ole Miss, 25-21.

Second set:

Ole Miss with the first point, but Kentucky scores on a service error. Ole Miss responds and has the lead for a little bit before Kentucky scores five in a row. Ole Miss with a kill, Kentucky score two more, Ole Miss Scores on a service error, Kentucky scores three in a row, and Ole Miss scores again. Kentucky scores three in a row, and Ole Miss answers, Kentucky answers right back for their set point, but Ole Miss scores back to back, and Kentucky wins the second set, 25-17.

Third set:

Ole Miss on the board, Kentucky evens it up with a kill. Back and forth and Kentucky scores seven points in a row to lead 16-5 over Ole Miss.  More back and forth until ultimately Kentucky will win the third set, 25-11 to defeat Ole Miss.

Final Kentucky 3, Ole Miss 0

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