Kentucky vs. Auburn

Nothing across the board for either team in the first inning. Reuben Church with a SAC fly that drives in TJ Collett for the Cats to get on the board first and take a 1-0 lead in the second, Auburn’s Tyler Miller hits a home run to get the Tigers on the board and tying up the game, 1-1. Reuben Church with an RBI double gives the Cats a 2-1 lead in the fourth. Auburn with a two-out rally to score a run and ties up the game again in the eighth. John Rhodes with a Big Blue Bomb, Reuben Church with  three run Big Blue Bomb for the Cats to take a 6-2 lead. Tigers tie things up again in the ninth as they get two walks and two hit by pitch, extra innings we go. Chase Estep with a 3-2 double to the left scores in Zeke Lewis for the Cats to take a 2 point lead in the tenth.

Final/10 Kentucky 8, Auburn 6

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